t here.
   Beautiful, Magical, Colorful, Delightful ...

                  ... put on some music
                  ... pick up your iPad
                  ... and DANCE !!! 

   The Alchemist Rose creates colorful mandalas
   that groove and pulsate to your every move.
   iPad Video Out Supported:
   Plug into your Big-Screen TV
   and perform for your friends !!!

JewelCase is a plug-in that turns iTunes into a visual jukebox, displaying each song in a virtual CD jewel case, complete with album cover art, song lyrics, artist and album information... It's just like viewing real CDs in your collection!

JewelCase is the tangible, visual connection to your digital music collection.

JewelCase 2.2 Features:
• iTunes 10.1 compatible
• Intel Mac and Power PC support
• Scrolling Lyrics (compatible with scroll wheel)
Screen display options:
• Full screen mode
• Song, artist, album, composer, year and time
• Spinning jewel case
• Multiple screen layouts
• Random screen layouts and fonts
Back display options:

• Album song list with current song highlighted

• Current song only

Spine display options:
• Artist and album
Customization options:
• Selectable fonts for screen text, spine & back
• Adjustable CD size, including actual CD size



System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4
iTunes 10.1 compatible
32 MB Graphics Card
Intel or Power PC Processor
Hard Disk Space 1MB
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